About us

Online Good Deals is a subsidary of Central Piedmont, Inc, located in the United States of America, in the great state of North Carolina. Central Piedmont, Inc operates several different websites generally in the outdoor furniture arena. Having been in business since 1992, we entered the online world of Internet Marketing in 1999 with our first website called PatioPVC.com. Since then we have grown to five websites which you may find by visiting www.CentralPiedmont.com

Online Good Deals was started in June of 2016, when the girls in our office were caught surfing the web on company time, and it was decided (rather than docking their pay) to start advertising some of the great deals that they came across. If we were going to pay them while they surfed the web, the idea came about to why not put up a website that took advantage of the great deals that they found for themselves and so OnlineGoodDeals.com was born. (The girls in the office just love it!)

We hope that you can shop our site and findĀ a unique item that is just what you are looking for. New items are being added daily, so please bookmark our page and come back often!